Tommy’s story

Tommy goes to the Better Breaks Saturday club in Falkirk but until 2018, had never been to camp. He gained so much confidence that he surprised his mum by saying he wanted to try camp.

Really importantly the scheme’s coordinator spent lots of time with Tommy and his mum, giving them the reassurance that she understood and was able to manage his medical needs.

Tommy was still very nervous on the way to meet the others but was quickly reassured by the staff who were there to meet him.

Tommy’s mum, Joy, takes over the story in her own words –

Tommy had such a wonderful experience of been away, for the first time in his life he was able to be with friends away from home. To be able to have this kind of club and link with his friends is such a major thing for him. He was able to do fun things at his level, outdoors sport and even getting up a tall tree – even though he is frightened of heights!

Tommy had such a special time away. He is now ready for the next one. So fantastic to see him so happy in himself and the bonds he has with friends and that goes for the ‘big friends’ too (staff).

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