John’s story

John is celebrating his 40th birthday in the same year as The Action Group and is looking forward to hosting a party for all his friends – the DJ has already been booked

John is a service user in our HACSS team 11 and has been busy in the last year of his thirties. He is an active member of the Enable Club Committee and recently attended the ‘Real Heroes’ award ceremony for Enable’s ‘Best Buddies’ scheme, where he met Carol Smilie.

John has set up his own walking group, which meets on a Sunday once a month at The Meadows, and a regular film night, with his friend Ivan Cohen. John says “I never thought by the time I was 40 I would have achieved so much – running my own walking group and film group.

I also can’t believe I am sharing my 40th birthday year with such a brilliant organisation as The Action Group! I don’t really feel 40 though – I still feel like a teenager on the inside!”

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