Ewan’s story

My name is Ewan, I have been working with Lisa, my Employment Advisor, since January 2017. I really wanted to work in tourism or security.

I met with Lisa every week and together, we made a CV and applied for a lot of jobs. We did a job search every week on the computer, and if I saw a job I like, Lisa will apply for it with me. I really liked that I was working with the same Employment Advisor all the time, as this means we really know each other very well, and she understood my skills and abilities as well as what I really wanted to do.

I really wanted to work in tourism or security, so to help me get experience and increase my skills, I started volunteering for a cruise ship company in South Queensferry. I loved this role, and my confidence and skills improved so much, and I made lots of friends. Whilst I was volunteering, me and my Employment Advisor were applying for jobs, and spending time doing interview coaching so I felt really confident and ready when an interview came.

In 2018, I secured a job with a a security company, working as a safety steward. I was able to put everything I had learned from my volunteering role into my interview, which helped me to get the job.

Working with Real Jobs has helped me to improve my employability skills, and I am really happy with the service they give me.

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