Children and Adults in
Transition Services (CAATS)

We have a wide range of different services for children and young adults and their families / carers. These include:

Individual support


Support that is shaped around each child or young person to help you achieve your goals and wishes. This can include all aspects of day to day life, such as support with personal care, support at school / college, building skills and independence (like looking after money, travel, interests and hobbies), support with friendships and family, time away from home, and many other things you might want or need support with. This support is all about you and we will work together with you and your family/carers to make this a partnership that works for you.



We run various different groups in each local area.  These include groups based around specific interests (like a gaming group, or a girls group) and more general groups for fun, friendship and great activities.  They offer a place to hang out, meet other children or young people and try new things with staff support. We involve you in deciding what groups do and when they happen: again we work in partnership with you.

Support for families and carers


We can offer practical support to families, whether in the form of respite breaks/ holidays for your child, as everyone needs a break sometimes. We also offer practical help at busy times, such as your child getting ready for school. We also have advice services that can help families understand their benefit entitlements and rights under the law.

Leisure schemes


We occasionally receive funding to run leisure services and groups during school holidays.  Please contact Robin Hamilton on 0131 475 2315 or at to find out if we currently have services available in your area.

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For more details about any of these services, please contact Robin Hamilton, Development Manager, on 0131 475 2315 or at  Or fill in our online enquiry form here.

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