Caroline’s story

I am a single parent of a child who has Down’s Syndrome with global developmental delay. I have known BEMAS since 2009.

All Advisers that’s been allocated to me and my son is great. They’d been truly a helpful soul in dealing with our queries, problems and even just to listen. They did help me with our benefits, grants, concessions/travel cards and a lot more. They also provide trainings/sessions that would help each carer to gain knowledge and apply it in everyday life.

Although I‘ve been in Scotland for 10 years now I still find it difficult to deal with my problems on my own. I feel sometimes a little bit lost in this country, it’s so much different from my own country. BEMAS Advisers helped me to understand what my rights are and what help is available for me and my son, they referred me to different services that were of great value for me. When I was struggling to cope with Louis behaviour they exactly knew what services could help me and how I could access them. After all of these years spent with BEMAS I feel definitely more confident and knowledgeable as Advisers always explained me how they are going to deal with my issues.

Carers meeting are great as I can meet people with some similar type of issues; parents from abroad with children who have different health problems. It’s good to know that there are people who understand your problems and you can share your experiences with them, get some advice. You don’t need to be afraid that they are going to laugh at your problems

BEMAS your work is superb and thank you for all the things that you have done to me and my son. Keep it up as a lot of families surely needs your expertise; your service.

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