Internal departments

Our teams based at head office all work hard, often in the background, to help support the work we do and to make sure that our service users have the best support possible.

They aim to listen to and involve service users as much as possible in what they do, to make sure they keep improving and are making a difference for the people who use our services.



Our Admin Team deal with looking after our offices and keeping all our paperwork and systems running smoothly. This includes things like:

  • Answering phone calls and looking after all visitors to our main office;
  • Organising all the stationery supplies and other things we need to run the office (like tea and coffee supplies!);
  • Looking after all our office spaces and meeting rooms;
  • Looking after our computers and technology;
  • Keeping in touch with staff, service users and members through mailings and updating the website;
  • Looking after The Action Group caravan and organising bookings for this.



Our Finance Team deal with all the money that comes into or goes out of the organisation. This includes things like

  • Making sure all our staff are paid on time and correctly;
  • Looking after the money we get to pay for our services from councils , funders and you through self directed support;
  • Sending out Direct Payment / Self Directed Support bills and checking that the money comes in;
  • Paying the bills of workmen who do repairs in your home;
  • Preparing the accounts for the whole organisation and tracking all the money that we get and what we spend so we are managing this properly.

Human Resources (HR)


Our Human Resources (HR) Team deal with everything to do with our staff and volunteers. This includes things like

  • Advertising and recruiting for new staff and involving our services users in this in a person-centred way’
  • Helping to make sure our staff are matched to the people we support;
  • Helping managers with issues that might come up about their staff;
  • Offering advice to staff when they need it;
  • Keeping all our HR policies and procedures up to date and in line with the law and best practice;
  • Looking after our computer systems and records about staff.

Learning and Development


Our Learning and Development Team deal with making sure that our staff have the skills and abilities needed to do their jobs. This includes things like:

  • Keeping up to date with what our users need and want from their support staff, so that all our training is user focused;
  • Designing and delivering induction training for all new staff so they understand the values and skills they need to support our users in the right way;
  • Running training for existing staff to make sure they keep up to date and also to help with any specialist support they need;
  • Helping staff get their SVQ qualifications;
  • Keeping up to date with developments in social care and sharing this information across The Action Group;
  • Running training for all managers so they lead and support teams well.




Our Quality Team help the managers to make sure everything we do is the best it can be. This includes things like:

  • Carrying out quality checks in all services to make sure our users are happy with their support and the right paperwork is in place;
  • Helping with evaluations and inspections by people like the Care Inspectorate;
  • Doing formal investigations when problems happen so that we can act quickly and put things right;
  • Keeping all our policies and paperwork up to date and in line with the law and best practice.
  • Involving service users in assessing quality and listening to feedback to help us improve what we do.

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