About us

The Action Group is about ‘no barriers – for all of life.’ We offer support and advice to over 1700 children, young people and adults across East Central Scotland.


The Action Group is about ALL of life.

We work with children and adults – and their families – who need additional support to live their lives. We seek to walk with people throughout their lives, in as many aspects as they need us – from employment to housing from personal care and support to benefits advice, from holidays, to emotional support. We work to connect you to your community and build relationships with others. We want to help you become as independent as you want to be.

The Action Group is about no barriers.

It is about changing lives for the better, and making sure that everyone gets the chance to live their life to its fullest potential. We see the unique person in everyone – your dreams, your wishes, and your aspirations – and try our best to help you achieve your goals in life.

The Action Group is about putting people in the driving seat.

The organisation is led by the users of our services and their families/carers. Involving you or your loved one in the support we provide is at the heart of what we do.

The Action Group is about making things happen.

We believe that our relationship with you is what counts. You as a service user, and you as a carer. We will always do our best to work in partnership with you to get things right and make things better.

We could use a lot of fancy words to sum us up, but it really comes down to you, other important people in your life and us, working together to get you the right support, that changes as you change and keeps putting you right at the centre of all that we do.

Our Vision

That families caring for a person with a learning disability and individuals who have a learning disability and other support needs:

  • encounter no barriers to their chosen lifestyle,
  • can follow a path of choice, and
  • can enrich their opportunities.
Our Mission

To value, listen to and involve people so that our every action is judged to be the best.

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